Let’s visit Machu Picchu in a relaxed and comfortable way.

This experience is for those who have time to take a late train and expend some time at Aguas Calientes.


Day 1
Start at the hotel takin a taxi to the train station.
From the train station we take a train to Aguas Calientes were the assistant will be waiting for you to walk you to the hotel.
Check-In at Aguas Calientes hotel.
Free Time to enjoy the town.
Meet the guide and your hotel to have a little briefing about next day activities.

Day 2
Check-out at Aguas Calientes hotel
Take the bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu.
Meet with the guide at Machu Picchu entrance.
Machu Picchu tour.
Back to Aguas Calientes in bus.
Free time
Take the train from Aguas Calientes to the train station closer to Cusco were the taxi will be waiting for you to drive you to the hotel.